Welcome to The Multiple Intelligences School


Respect, Excellence, Attitude, Cooperation, Harmony

Our Vision
At PS/MS 37 we strive to create a learning community that values cultural and linguistic diversity, a climate of collegiality, kindness and respect, and is accountable to the individual learning style and ability of every member of our school.
We envision a place where students are actively engaged in academically rigorous activities that will allow them to explore and discover new learning experiences which will prepare them for real life applications.
As lifelong learners, we will commit to grow and develop appropriate practices that are meaningful, challenging, and creative.  We will strive to constantly examine, authentically assess, and reflect on our work to improve our pedagogy that will lead to student success.
We view parents as partners in the teaching-learning process and steve to include the contribution of all members of our school community to learn and grow.

A message from the Principal
Technology is the best way we have to enhance the education of our students strategically using electronic data to inform instruction, allowing children to experience interactive web based lessons, and using technology to communicate with parents to strengthen the home school partnership are all vital components of a school that will thrive in the 21st century.  We have only begun to harness the power of technology to help us in this difficult work but we are attempting to move in the right direction and this website is our first step!Opening of message as link to page

November Highlights

Family Night was a success! Thank you all for coming!

Parent Teacher Conference is Thursday November 16th